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October 2010

First Saw Rocky:

TV: 1989 / Video: 2002 / In a theatre: 2010 (Yeah, I'm a late bloomer)

Why I Joined:

The first time I saw the NYC cast and crew perform left such a positive impression that I returned the very next night with my application. They are a family... a somewhat dysfunctional and occasionally incestuous family, but a family nonetheless, and that was a huge selling point for me.

The New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The NYC RHPS cast performs every Friday and Saturday night at:


Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

269 W. 23rd St.

(212) 691 5519

Located at the corner of 8th Avenue & 23rd Street next to the 23rd Street Subway Stop

$9.00 General Admission

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Clearview Cinemas recommends purchasing Tickets through Please note that the NYC Rocky Horror Cast is not affiliated with Any questions/concerns/problems with purchasing tickets should be directed to Clearview Cinemas or the Ticketing provider.

Online Ticket Sales may charge an additional fee. Tickets purchased from the box office on show night are $9.00 General Admission

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