Roles I Play:
Dr. Scott, Eddie

Date Joined:

May 2012

First Saw Rocky:

Well this is a long drawn out story that involves a long journey across a galaxy, an intergalactic tyrant, a robotic trash can and a princess. Did I mention I have super powers? I have super human strength and genius level intellect... Viva La Resistance!!!

Why I Joined:

This is an easy question answered in the most drawn out way... If you were to take a look back at my life... I was born in a small country of Latveria to a great and powerful dictator! Given anything and everything I ever wanted I was still missing one thing. A real home... So I left my old life behind and headed to New York City to find fame and fortune. But when I got here the evil genius craze was over and seeing I am not a glowing angst driven vampire. I had to get a real job. I still use the skills from my past as a Computer Engineer for a Major Homeland Security Agency. But I still long for the spotlight! So here I am today! Performing with the greatest cast performing the greatest cult classic ever!

The New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The NYC RHPS cast performs every Friday and Saturday night at:


Chelsea Clearview Cinemas

269 W. 23rd St.

(212) 691 5519

Located at the corner of 8th Avenue & 23rd Street next to the 23rd Street Subway Stop

$9.00 General Admission

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Online Ticket Sales may charge an additional fee. Tickets purchased from the box office on show night are $9.00 General Admission

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